Advanced healthcare

Our medical centre offers comprehensive medical care to cure illnesses and maintain health. As a form of supporting treatment, out nutritional care is part of medical treatment. When illness occurs, the human nutritional status changes significantly. In these cases, a medical assessment of the nutritional status and nutritional care to support other forms of care will improve and promote the patient’s health. Our expert doctors have many years of solid experience of clinical work, both from the public and private sectors. Our doctors also have nutritional care training.

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When should you come to the Antioxidant Clinic?

Our clinics provide you with high-quality healthcare when you need top-notch, comprehensive treatment. At the clinic, we will dig deeper to find out the reasons behind the illness, its birth mechanisms, and symptomatic treatment.

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Medical experts at your service

Our doctors at the Antioxidant Clinic are ready to give you comprehensive medical care. Choose your medical practitioner according to his/her area of expertise.

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Instructions for those arriving to the clinic

It is important to prepare well before arriving so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. We have collected all the forms you need to fill in beforehand on the Web page of your practitioner.

Instructions and forms

Ask about available appointments using a form

Use this form to leave a reservation request. Use the message field to indicate which doctor or nutritional therapist you wish to see, and fill in your contact information. We always confirm all reservations made using this form by calling you or sending you email.

We never give your information to outside parties

Mineral Research Laboratory Mila

We have over 40 years of experience of micronutrient research, and the majority of our laboratory tests are done in the Mineral Research Laboratory MILA that is accredited in Finland.

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