Instructions for those arriving to the clinic

Don’t forget to fill in the required forms before arriving to the Antioxidant Clinic! And do you know how to prepare for laboratory sampling? It is important to prepare well before arriving so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. We have collected all the forms you need to fill in beforehand on the Web page of your practitioner, and you can find instructions for arriving to the clinic on this page.

Arriving to the clinic

We recommend booking your appointment well in advance. At times the waiting list can be quite long.

Please reserve plenty of time for your visit as our doctors’ sessions last longer than usual. Also, after the doctor’s appointment you will spend some more time at, for example, the laboratory and/or a meeting with a nurse.

Remember to bring along your current case histories, lab results, and doctor’s statements. Don’t forget to tell the doctor if you have medical insurance.

Please fill in the initial information forms in advance; you can find these form on your doctor’s pages. Choose your doctor from this list and fill in all the required initial information forms.

Note that our clinics are fragrance-free and you should avoid using any fragrances when you arrive for a visit.

Forms to fill in

The forms to fill in prior to your visit vary between doctors. Choose your doctor from the list and you will see all the forms you should fill in before arriving.

Choose your doctor or nutritional therapist

How to prepare for laboratory tests

For most tests, you should abstain from all food and drink for 12 hours. You may drink 1-2 glasses of water and take your usual medicines before coming to the lab. Do not take any vitamin or micronutrient products for 12 hours before your laboratory tests!

You can send a security e-mail to the Antioxidant Clinic

Transmission of information by security e-mail, you can send completed pre-information forms over an encrypted connection for remote reception.

Other information, such as laboratory test results or statements, can also be sent by security e-mail. Preliminary information forms must be submitted in good time, but no later than the day before the remote reception. From the link below you can send a security e-mail to the Antioxidant Clinic. Also, be sure to confirm the security e-mail you sent.

Click here to send a security email to the Antioxidant Clinic