Nutritional therapists

Our nutritional counselling provides you with personal support regarding nutrition issues to maintain your health and/or to solve health problems you may be experiencing. You will receive a diet tailored just for you to support your treatment. Nutritional therapist or nutritional counsellor services are not compensated by Kela.

Marja Ruuti


Marja Ruuti is a licenced nutritional therapist and also experienced in natural nutritional care. She provides comprehensive care to patients and attempts to treat health issues via nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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Tanja Hakala

Master of Health Care (Nursing), Clinical Expert

Tanja Hakala will help you to find a solution to your health problems from a clean diet. Each counselled person will receive a personalised diet, as our genotype, preferences, illnesses, and environment all play a role in finding just the right food for you.

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Sandra Porthan


Sandra Porthan's approach to balancing human health is personalised and holistic. She helps her customers to correct their distorted images of health and offers to replace them with more balanced strategies and models to adapt to one’s everyday life.

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Hanna Voutilainen


Hanna Voutilainen is a licenced nutritional therapist who always sees the big picture. Hanna treats people from every age group. Her areas of expertise are sports nutrition, allergies, stomach problems, and PWS.

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Instructions for those arriving to the clinic

It is important to prepare well before arriving so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. We have collected all the forms you need to fill in beforehand on the Web page of your practitioner.

Instructions and forms