Our doctors

Our doctors at the Antioxidant Clinic are ready to give you comprehensive medical care. Choose your medical practitioner according to his/her area of expertise. All our doctors are members of the European society of ESPEN.

Our nutritional therapists will provide you with nutritional counselling.

Erkki Antila

GP, Licentiate in Medicine, PhD

Since the late 1980s, Erkki Antila has studied nutrition and holistic medicine, publishing newspaper articles, several review articles, and more than ten scientific research papers.

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Pirjo Lindfors

Anaesthetist specialist, D.Med.Sc

Pirjo studies nutrition and lifestyles, as well as various life events and their connection to pain, fatigue, and depression. She approaches various symptoms via stress theories.

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Anna-Kaisa Piiroinen

GP, Licentiate in Medicine

According to Anna-Kaisa Piiroinen, medication as the sole form of treatment is not always enough to achieve good results. From the viewpoint of holistic medicine, everything in our bodies is interconnected.

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Tiina Keldrima

Specialist in Psychiatry, Licentiate in Medicine

Tiina Keldrima’s particular area of interest is micronutrient deficiencies and their effect on total well-being. The right kind of diet and lifestyle, as well as correcting possible deficiencies, are the first steps towards better health. Nutrition is particularly important during pharmacotherapy. As Hippocrates put it, “we are what we eat”, and this is also Tiina’s ideology.

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Kari Raij

GP, D.Med.Sc

Dr. Raij has many areas of expertise, such as stomach disorders, helicobacter infections, borreliosis, Ehrlichiosis infection, autoimmune disorders related to milk protein allergies such as hypothyroidism, deep vein thrombosis, vitiligo, Sjogren's syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

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Pyry Suonsivu

GP, Licentiate in Medicine

The focus of Pyry’s work at the Antioxidant Clinics is on vitamin and micronutrient research and treatment.

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Tamara Tuuminen

Specialist in Microbiology, D.Med.Sc, Docent

Dr. Tamara Tuuminen has an interest in treating environmental diseases, i.e., people whose illnesses can be attributed to factors such as mould and moisture problems. Many environmental diseases produce co-morbidities of varying degrees, for instance inflammatory diseases. These inflammatory diseases can be the result of, among others, several nutritional deficiencies. In addition, Tamara treats patients with chronic diseases such as bowel diseases, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, rheumatism, neurological diseases, and cancer.

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Tuula Virrankari

Specialist in Occupational Healthcare, Licentiate in Medicine

Dr. Tuula Virrankari utilises the results gained from micronutrient and nutritional factor research and their role in the body’s total well-being. At her practice, Tuula will look for the best methods to cure and prevent problems such as depression and stress by using nutritional care in addition to pharmacotherapy.

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Päivi Broas

Specialist in Occupational Healthcare, Licentiate in Medicine

Päivi Broas is interested in the health effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and mental condition. She believes that everyone has the power to heal, even after getting ill. When treating diseases, we should - in addition to treating the symptoms - always also consider the reasons that have led to the problems. Some of her areas of special interest are joint disorders, migraine, the intestine, stress, and burnout.

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Sauli Siekkinen

Specialist in General Practice, Licentiate in Medicine

Sauli Siekkinen, specialist in general practice, is currently specialising in pain management. His area of expertise is pain management and physiatric issues such as pains in tendons and sites of attachment (tendinitis and enthesopathy), fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder problems, and lower back pain.

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Marja-Leena Sirviö

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Occupational Health, D.Med.Sc.

Marja-Leena Sirviö's main areas of interest are related to internal medicine: intestinal wellbeing, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cholesterol and weight management. In her opinion, it is vital to look at health through a holistic perspective. Best results are made by proactively constructing health in the symptomatic phase, thereby initiating a change towards permanent good health.

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Päivi Suonsivu-Miettinen

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Lic.Med.

Gynaecology consultation to treat general gynaecological diseases and health problems in women of all ages.

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Pertti Lähteenmäki

Specialist in General Practice, Lic.Med., D.Med.Sc.

Dr. Pertti Lähteenmäki, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, is an experienced physician with over 30 years of expertise in treating chronic diseases. As Lähteenmäki's patients have multiple symptoms, he thoroughly investigates the underlying causes of the disease and symptoms to treat them.

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Instructions for those arriving to the clinic

It is important to prepare well before arriving so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. We have collected all the forms you need to fill in beforehand on the Web page of your practitioner.

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