Our medical centre as a forerunner in nutritional care

Our operations started in 1974 with the founding of Kristiina Medical Centre Oy. At the time, this centre was the only clinic in Finland that utilised nutritional care to treat patients in addition to traditional medicine. Today the Antioxidant Clinics operate in three cities: Helsinki, Tampere, and Oulu.

Specialists at your service

Our medical centre employs eleven doctors, most of whom have several decades of experience in clinical practice and who have worked for both the public and private sectors. Many have their own area of expertise and extensive experience of their specific fields. In addition to the doctors, nutritional counselling is also provided by a licenced nutritional therapist and our nurses in accordance with the doctor’s orders.

Assessing the patient’s nutritional status takes place based on the guidelines and recommendations of the European society of ESPEN and the ones the National Nutrition Council of Finland provided to health clinics in 2010. All the doctors and nurses at our clinics are members of ESPEN.

Deficiencies as health determinants

Assessing the nutritional status includes evaluating the risk of malnutrition. This takes into account, among others, the patient’s weight development and other factors that influence protein and energy deficiencies.

The diagnosis often involves defining the status of micronutrients (vitamins, trace elements). Mapping micronutrient deficiencies is important with regard to many diseases. For example, patients with infections usually have some form of micronutrient deficiency. Another example is those with stomach problems, as they often suffer from malabsorption.

The WHO has declared micronutrient malnutrition to be a health risk. Most vitamin and trace element deficiencies have their own diagnoses and classifications maintained by the WHO. Oxidative stress is one explanatory factor in many diseases and assessing the risk of oxidative stress is part of our doctors’ methods.

Some of our doctors follow the holistic idea in their care, which includes treating the patient as a whole by taking into account, among other things, their genotype, underlying conditions, nutrition, mental state, exercise, and rest.

The first visit to one of our doctors takes 45 – 90 minutes, depending on the doctor. A longer first meeting aims to form a picture, as complete as possible, of the patient’s health status.  The Antioxidanc Clinic is member of Suomen lääkäripalveluyritys ry (Finnish Association of Medical Services).

Our operations

Our mission statement is to produce versatile medical and healthcare services that maintain good health and prevent illness. Our nutritional care forms a part of the patient’s comprehensive care. Our operations are guided by the general principles in the field of healthcare, guidelines, and laws and regulations.


  • Comprehensive healthcare. Our values are based on a holistic view of the mechanisms and treatment of diseases.
  • Our care is based on measurements and internationally proven medicine.

Operational principles

  • Our medical care includes nutritional care.
  • Our appointments are longer than usual, which aims to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Our staff and our company’s shared values support patient work. Our customers’ value systems are always taken into account in their care.

In planning the care, the customer’s medical history and current situation are assessed, and a detailed treatment plan is devised. The care process includes a doctor’s appointment, laboratory tests, and – if required – a meeting with a nutritional therapist or counselling by a nurse. The need for control visits depends on the patient’s individual needs. We provide our customers with unique expertise and time. Our aim is to promote human health by using extensive medical means.

Nutritional care is one area of medicine. Patient care is based on medical laboratory measurements and on forming a complete picture of the situation. In addition to traditional lab tests, nutritional care measures the levels of vitamins, micronutrients, fatty acids, and analyses other nutritional factors. Most nutritional measurements are categorised in the WHO’s ICD-10 classification system. Nutritional care involves providing recommendations regarding food and lifestyle, and giving guidance concerning the necessary supplements.

Nutritional care is administered together with other medical care. In case the patient is also treated at other medical facilities, is important that all the doctors and healthcare professionals participating in the patient’s care are aware of the currently employed forms of nutritional care.

The Antioxidant Clinics are included in the Kanta service

Our clinics have the patients’ case history files in an electronic data system to which only healthcare professionals have access. The professional staff cannot access a patient’s data unless it is explicitly required with regard to their care.

Customers can visit the My Kanta pages to give permission in advance before coming in. After giving permission, customers can refuse the disclosure of their personal data in the Patient Data Repository.

Please note that data is not instantly relayed to My Kanta and it may take some time for it to appear there. The Patient Data Repository enables easy viewing your own medical history. You can see your lab test results and case histories in the My Kanta service that you can access via the kanta.fi site.

Patient ombudsman

The patient ombudsman for the Helsinki and Tampere clinics is laboratorian Kirsi Koistinen, and Katariina Viitaluoma is the ombudsman in Oulu.

Contact information

  • Ombudsman for the Helsinki and Tampere clinics: tel. +3589 622 64519, kirsi.koistinen@antioksidantti.fi.
  • Ombudsman for the Oulu clinic: tel. +3588 378 014  oulu@antioksidantti.fi

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • The DPO for Helsinki, Tampere, and Oulu is Katariina Viitaluoma, oulu@antioksidantti.fi tel. +3588 378 014

Make a reservation

New patients must make a reservation by telephone to our centralised booking number at +3589 6226 4545 or at your own clinic, as the nurses will have lots of important and useful information to give you at that time. You can also leave a call request.

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