Antioxidant Clinic price list


General practitioner fee200–300 € / 60 min
Specialist fee200-220 € / 60 min
Telephone consultation by a doctor
(if the issue is demanding, the normal appointment fee is charged)
the doctor will charge according to the time spent
Nutritional therapist or coach fee, 60-120 min130–245 €
Office fee21 €
Electronic prescription0,90 €
Injection by a nurse17 €
Inbody, body composition analysis35 €
Complete analysis of the levels of vitamins, micronutrients, and fatty acids998 €
Basic chemical and haematological laboratory tests7,26–49,58 €/test
Vitamin and micronutrient tests33,06–59,33 €/test
Fatty acid analysis105 €
Sampling fee for samples to be sent abroad25-50 €

Please contact the clinics for more detailed pricing information.

Kela will compensate part of your visiting fee and, with a doctor’s referral, part of certain examinations. We can deduct this compensation directly at the clinic providing that you have your Kela card with you.

For more information about compensation, visit the Kela Web site.

We cannot accept notes exceeding 200 €.