Marja Ruuti

Nutritional therapist

Marja Ruuti is a licenced nutritional therapist and also experienced in natural nutritional care. She provides comprehensive care to patients and attempts to treat health issues via nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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Your current situation in life and past diet serve as the starting point based on which we decide what to keep, what needs to be changed, how to make these changes, and the required support to achieve this. Everything is based on a diet that is as natural as possible, accompanied with nutritional supplements if necessary.

Food record

Before coming in and starting discussions, you should keep a food record for a minimum of five days, one of which should ideally be a Saturday or Sunday. This food record describing your usual diet will provide the best individual help.


  • Licenced nutritional therapist
    2002 (Kuopio University)
  • M.Sc. (Nutrition)
    1981 (Helsinki University)

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