Why us?

Our clinics provide you with high-quality healthcare when you need top-notch, comprehensive healthcare. At the clinic, we will dig deeper to find out the reasons behind the illness, its birth mechanisms, and symptomatic treatment by using accurate laboratory testing and nutritional care.

Comprehensive nutritional care

Every patient has the right to receive good care. Good care constitutes comprehensive care that acknowledges the patient’s individual, biological characteristics, health issues, and the reasons and determinants for possible illness. When required, the care also includes medication and nutrition.

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Laboratory and testing

Laboratory tests are an important part of care. They help in finding the right diagnosis and also rule out some illnesses.

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Stomach problems and bowel diseases

The functioning of the digestive system and microbes affect not only the health of the digestive tract but also a person’s well-being as a whole. Stomach problems and bowel diseases are common, often awkward, and even disabling.

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Recurring infections

Good resistance levels will protect you against bad bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. Our resistance is weakened by, among other things, a poor and one-sided diet, poor condition of the intestinal system, disturbances in the bacterial strain, environmental toxins, and stress and rush.

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Chronic illnesses

Most chronic illnesses are due to oxidative stress and changes to tissue caused by low-grade inflammation. These result in cellular damage. Oxidative stress and low-grade inflammation have many causes, such as environmental toxins, poor diet, obesity, stress, and lack of sleep and exercise.

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Burnout, stress, and depression

Stress and burnout are quite common, modern occurrences. Depression is all the more widespread too. Good nutritional status helps the body to overcome the stress and challenges of everyday life. Comprehensive care, such as supporting mental coping, medication, individual diet, and correct nutritional supplements can be key in coping or recovering from an already diagnosed illness.

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Coping in everyday life

In life, there are stages where coping may become challenging. Long days at work, demanding studies, everyday life with small children, or competitive sports are things that can sap your energy. To survive all this, your system must be strong enough. Your nutrition and intake of micronutrients must be at a good level to balance all the stress in life. To successfully navigate through all the life’s challenges, you need the right kind of diet and other guidance to come out as winner. Everyone should invest in their own health.

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Nutritional counselling

Everyone can influence their own health by making the right choices regarding food. A correct diet maintains health and alleviates the symptoms of illness. Dietary choices also enable decreasing the amount of needed medication or increasing its effect.

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Instructions for those arriving to the clinic

It is important to prepare well before arriving so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. We have collected all the forms you need to fill in beforehand on the Web page of your practitioner.

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