Nutritional counselling

Everyone can influence their own health by making the right choices regarding food. A correct diet maintains health and alleviates the symptoms of illness. Dietary choices also enable decreasing the amount of needed medication or increasing its effect.

The right kind of nutrition to help you

In the treatment of alimentary tract problems, allergies, diabetes, and many other illnesses, the right kind of nutrition is crucial. Often one should avoid certain allergy-inducing foodstuffs, but it is equally important to compensate for the removed foods to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Food alone is not always enough, and some supplements may be required, but the effect of the latter can be boosted by eating right at the same time. One’s diet can have certain factors that cause inflammation or hinder the absorption of nutrients. A correct diet is also necessary after nutritional supplement treatment, as it will maintain the improved situation. Good nutritional care requires that the patient’s current nutritional status is carefully analysed. Current medication is always taken into account in treatment planning.

Nutritional counselling from a knowledgeable therapist will help you on your way to better health and well-being.

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